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Allies & Antagonists features over 100 new NPCs, each fully illustrated and detailed with lore and and 5e combat statistics with print & digital versions available in the various backer tiers.

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creatures of the tomb

This sourcebook contains over 150 pages of new creatures with balanced statblocks and art, ready to invade your haunting campaigns and oneshot adventures. The main aim of this product is to provide more interesting options for undead, beasts, and monstrosities then those presented in the Monster Manual. It also contains 10 battle maps (DM & Player versions) that can be used as an additional resource.

Supporting Sidekicks for D&D 5e

Dungeon Masters, have you ever had to postpone a session due to a last-minute cancellation by one of your players? We all have! Now, with Supporting Sidekicks, you don't have to delay the fun! Our 120+ page supplement gives you thirty-eight new sidekicks to drop into your campaign (at any level) with minimal preparation so the game can go on!

Grimlore's Grimoire

This 59-page tome of knowledge contains more than two-hundred new spells for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Editions. Released in 2018, Grimlore's Grimoire has seen over 40 updates, adding new spells, and incorporating balance changes from the community.

Best part of all? It is completely free!

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